“Since I do a great deal of traveling, I need to have a company who will perform maintenance on my swimming pool at the same level as if I were present to oversee the work. Monty Creighton, owner of Advanced Pool Management, Inc., meets that criteria. He is extremely conscientious in identifying problems and taking the initiative in recommending and implementing solutions thereto.”

Jack R. Taylor

"So reliable, our pool always looks great. Monty is very knowledgable in all aspects of the pool equipment and automation system."

J. Feeley

“We have used Advanced Pool service for over 16 years. They get 5 stars from us. Monty has been very reliable and has made a number of changes to our pool and pool systems that have kept our pool updated and has saved us operating costs. We highly recommend him!! ”

Larry Redman,
Rancho Chahuchu

"APM allows me to ENJOY my pool not WORRY about my pool"

C. Jackson,

"Advanced Pool Management is great. We enjoy doing business with such a dedicated, professional and courteous company"

The Mackenzie's,
Santa Ynez

“The great thing about Monty is I never worry about my pool, all I do is enjoy it”

C. Carter